Seeking Appropriate Approach for Urban Design Learning under the New Normal Condition

Author: Dyah Titisari Widyastuti

Basically, it is urgently needed to build appropriate learning methods in the current pandemic condition, where the teaching and learning process at various levels of education demands a major change from what originally took place face-to-face in educational institution classrooms to turning into screen-to-screen in the personal spaces of individual respective environments. This should not be as simple as simply transferring class material onto a computer screen, but more than that, how the pedagogical aspects of each discipline must be fulfilled, how learning competencies can be fulfilled equivalent to learning under normal conditions. Design learning basically cannot be separated from learning the process of designing in a studio, where pedagogically integrates a learner-centered approach, methods of interaction between learners, and the studio as a physical and social space that forms an atmosphere that triggers creativity. Likewise in urban design learning is based on not only a theoretical component but also an empirical component. This study aims to develop content and learning methods for urban design, that cannot be separated from its pedagogical aspects, as a form of adaptation of urban design learning norms during the pandemic period and their potential as an alternative learning method in the future. read more